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2011/12 students from grades 3, 4, and 5 joined the opening of the Web Design group and have their own pages published here. Students in the ICT class are learning the basics of the web design software but have not yet designed and published their pages here. In the near future all students will have their own pages published. For the other grade levels we have published pages to show off some of the events at school as well as to display their work from the Visual Arts class. Please return occasionally to see the new work. Each new academic year new students will join the Web Design Class and have their work published here. Students learn very valuable ICT skills in the Web Design Class.




Student ICT Projects

Dear Visitor,

This website is dedicated entirely to the development of the students learning through technology. All of our students are learning ICT (Information and Communication Technology) (Computer Studies). Starting from kindergarten learning basic computing and communication skills all the way through each grade level learning more complex skills building on top of their previously learned foundation skills, our students are mastering ICT before moving on to their university studies.

Once our students reach grade 3, they will publish their basic simple web pages on this site updating the pages as they progress through school mastering more and more skills to become our future designers and programmers. Every student will gain enough mastery of computer skills to enable them to become the technology leaders of the future.

All the classes below grade 3 will learn the basic foundations of ICT to enable them to excell in all forms ICT during their years in school as well as their futures after graduating from High School and University.

The first academic year (2011/2012) of this project, 14 students from grades 3, 4, and 5 attended and participated in the Web Design Class. Other Classes and Students have some of their work from visual arts and science published on this site. As our program grows, more classes and students will be represented here.

Our ICT program combined with the Cambridge Curriculum opens future doors to unlimited potential for SGIA students with no boundaries as to what they can accomplish. Come join us and open up the boundaries to your future.

Please come back to our site occasionally to view the updates and additions to the site.

Thank You for visiting, please tell everyone about our site. Better yet, come join to gain a significant advantage over all other programs.

Dr. David E. Woodard, PhD, EdD, MS ChDev

School Counselor and Web Design Class Supporter
Sekolah Global Indo-Asia

Batam, Indonesia


Student ICT Projects

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